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Health at Every Size (HAES®) is a paradigm shifting social justice movement which respects body diversity and inclusive healthcare. This webinar will provide health professionals with an understanding of the HAES® principles, particularly exploring the impact of weight stigma and diet culture on treatment.

  • Hear from leaders in the size inclusive movement in Australia, including Janet Lowndes, Dr Fiona Willer, Louise Adams, Fiona Sutherland and lived experience advocate Elissa Jenkins.

  • Learn the basics of weight inclusive, trauma informed care, moving beyond body image to a deeper understanding of factors which preclude accessible care and genuine healing.

  • Leave with practical tips for health professionals to overcome these barriers and pivot their practice to uphold HAES® principles.

  • No cost learning! This webinar is been made available for free for health professionals.

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    Health at Every Size: The Bigger Picture

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In collaboration with

Size Inclusive Health Australia

This webinar was made possible through the generosity of the team at Size Inclusive Health Australia. The webinar was recorded as part of Body Image and Eating Disorders Awareness Week, 2021.