About this online course

This course creates a space to explore eating disorder recovery. This includes learning about recovery as a concept, what it might mean for you personally, and navigating the bumps along the way. Whether you are at the start of your journey, or have been working on recovery for a while now, this course will shift perspectives and encourage growth.

  • Five course chapters which can be taken at your own pace.

  • Multiple ways to learn, including video, written and audio content.

  • Lived experience reflections and learnings from people who have recovered.

  • No cost learning! This course has been made available for free for Victorians impacted by eating disorders.

What's included

  • 1

    Welcome to Exploring Recovery!

    • Welcome to Exploring Recovery

  • 2

    Defining recovery

    • Recovery as a concept

    • What is eating disorder recovery?

    • Why might recovery feel so... wrong?

    • Reflections

  • 3

    Making it personal

    • The 'who' and 'why' of recovery: introducing core values

    • The 'what', 'when' and 'how' of recovery: introducing needs

    • Reflections

  • 4

    Anticipating bumps along the way

    • Unpacking ambivalence in recovery

    • Sitting with setbacks & relapse

    • Relapse: Care and Prevention

    • Reflections

  • 5

    Final reflections and additional resources

    • A final message & additional supports

    • Your Feedback

Meet your course facilitator

Bridie - Education Officer and Peer Support Worker

Hi, I'm Bridie. I am an eating disorder peer support worker, mental health advocate, and psychoeducational facilitator. I have an honours degree in Psychology and a keen interest in youth and women's mental health. Thanks for taking this course with me!

Course Sample

Why does recovery feel so wrong?


  • I have had an eating disorder for a long time and have tried lots of things. Will this even help me?

    Recovery from an eating disorder can take a long time for some, but at EDV, we hold onto hope that full recovery is achievable for everyone. This course may give you new things to think about and new tools to try. What have you got to lose?

  • I am a carer of someone with an eating disorder. Is this course suitable for me?

    Yes, absolutely! As a carer, it's important to understand the ups and downs of the recovery journey so that you can understand and support your loved one.

  • Can I do this course instead of treatment?

    No, this course isn't a replacement for eating disorder treatment. Rather, it is designed to compliment the clinical treatment you may be receiving, preparing for or re-engaging with. This course may help you better understand yourself and your recovery, which in turn can support the effectiveness of clinical treatment.

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We believe in recovery for everyone. This course has been designed and delivered by those with lived experience of eating disorder recovery.